Our Story

"Finding the perfect combination"

Situated in one of Bangkok’s most iconic new developments, Vaso stated its claim as one of Bangkok’s leading casual dining venues.

Leading the kitchen we have celebrated chef - ÁLVARO RAMOS. Vaso draws its inspiration from years of travel, research, hospitality experience from around the world, and a dash of Spanish heritage. The result is a contemporary style bar that is both intimate and eclectic.

With two defined sections, one which serves up quick and delicious tapas-style cuisine alongside premium wine, and the other which serves as a private dining experience, Vaso is the perfect location for any occasion. Alongside these two sections, we also have a cozy and intimate dining room which can be used as a place to celebrate with your family and friends.

Vaso offers a diverse range of wines & beers and the kitchen produces an ever-changing menu of traditional and modern tapas, shared plates, alongside other dishes which are all designed to be shared and enjoyed with friends.

Executive Chef



Known under many aliases 

Gafaspastas, Alvarito or simply ‘that crazy chef’,

Álvaro would describe himself as a creative and innovative chef who loves to marry traditional Spanish cooking techniques with Asian influences in order to create sociable plates, which impart an unexpected, exciting and truly delicious edge.